Intensive stay - Avancer

This stay will enable your leaders to understand their role as leaders in realizing and communicating the vision. An intensive stay includes intense, immersive, collaborative and action-oriented learning experiences.

What to expect

  • Recognize the role and importance of vision.

  • Develop your visionary skills.

  • Define a clear, coherent vision.

  • Make your vision a reality by clarifying the stages involved.

  • Learn to communicate your vision to mobilize people.

We train in our field in accounting and human resources, but very little in our role as leaders. This is THE time to do it, to come and experience EEB, to put the investment in you, the diamond in the rough.

Andrée-Anne St-Pierre
Horto Verdi

In concrete terms, the benefits for leaders and entrepreneurs are :

  1. A toolbox for defining and communicating your vision.
  2. Recognition of the role and importance of a clear, coherent vision.
  3. Developing visionary skills.
  4. Clarify the steps involved in realizing, implementing and communicating your vision, in order to mobilize your team.

On the program

Day 1

  • Arrival of participants and start of the course
  • Introduction to vision
  • Practical workshops and awareness-raising
  • Sporting activity that encourages teamwork, daring and stepping out of one's comfort zone
  • Conference with a guest entrepreneur

Day 2

  • Continuation of course and workshops
  • Workshops and outdoor activities
  • Integration coaching
  • Conclusion and departure of participants

Do you have any questions about our bootcamps?

Contact Laurie Bélanger, Corporate sales manager, at [email protected] or 418 228-5558 ext. 302