The answers to the questions we are most often asked.

What courses do you offer?

We offer courses for entrepreneurs and their organizations.

We offer entrepreneurs continuous programs over several months or even two years (Émergence and Élite), short bootcamps (at the school or in your company), conferences or workshops for your teams, an online course and more.

Visit the "For entrepreneurs" and "For Your Organization" sections of the main menu to learn more.

How do I know which program to choose?

We help you choose the program that best suits your needs and experience level.

Contact us or fill in our questionnaire "Find me an EEB experience".

How does a stay in a Élite or Émergence program work?

Stays last 5 days. Entrepreneur-athletes live at EEB with their cohort during this time, benefiting from an all-inclusive package: course, workshops, coaching, sports and other activities, accommodation and meals.

During each stay, one or two experienced entrepreneur-coaches share their experience with the entrepreneur-athletes, according to a given theme. Experts can also be brought in to complete the learning process.

Does EEB help with starting a new business?

The School helps propel existing businesses.

Is there financial assistance available?

Definitely! You will find more details in the "Financing" section.

What are the prerequisites for admission to the Élite or Émergence programs?

Ask a member of our EEB team for advice. Each case is unique, and we are committed to assessing your needs.

In general, Émergence welcomes founding entrepreneurs who have been at the helm of their company for at least three to five years and have employees. Successors, on the other hand, must have some decision-making power within the company, such as heading up a division or a significant project.

Élite is mainly made up of founders and next gen entrepreneurs with over 8 years' experience and a role in the company's overall operations (vice-president, general manager). They are shareholders or about to become shareholders.

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