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Our successful conference-workshops

What your employees think of you

Employees choose a job based on the company's DNA, but often leave because of the leader. In a world of labor scarcity, it is imperative to understand how leaders inspire their employees and how they demotivate them.

EEB conducted an informal study with 250 employees of 43 SMEs in Quebec, to find out what inspires their leader and what traits are less appreciated.

This EEB conference proposes to discover what your employees think of you. What do they think are the 5 best and 5 worst qualities of leaders? Take this moment to do our reflection exercise to better put yourself in action.

Solving leadership problems: multiplying solutions

Our entrepreneur-athletes enjoyed and learned so much from this workshop, that it has become a must and a highlight for all Élite and Émergence cohorts. Get a glimpse of the unique "E to E" (entrepreneur to entrepreneur) approach by attending this workshop.

Take advantage of this opportunity to take part in a dynamic exchange activity and leave with concrete solutions to apply in your company.

From audacity to impact

For the past 12 years,School d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce has been helping entrepreneurs pursue their stories.

An observation: the sustainability of an entrepreneur is measured well beyond that of his company. It is measured by the impact he has on his environment, on his people, on his community and more.

Through the sharing of entrepreneurs in the "E to E" approach, unique to EEB, this moment is dedicated to business leaders who want to reflect on the footprint and the legacy they will leave.

Do you dare to live it?

The best mistakes made by business leaders

Learn from our mistakes? We certainly can! TheSchool d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce asked entrepreneurs to identify the most memorable mistakes they had made in the course of their entrepreneurial career.

The conference focuses on the surprising results of this large informal survey. It provides real-life examples from business leaders and, most importantly, helps others avoid them!

Facing the big challenges of entrepreneurship: what can you learn from other entrepreneurs?

This workshop is designed for experienced business leaders who are open to discussion. After having experienced successes and setbacks, they feel they have reached a plateau and can no longer progress on their own.

12 years of listening, discussing and sharing with more than 1,000 business leaders have enabled the EEB team to identify the main issues that entrepreneurs from different regions of Quebec face when they register for the Programme Élite. It offers solutions, tools and thoughts to overcome these issues.

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