Fueling Quebec's entrepreneurial flame in our own way

  • By developing a community of contributing entrepreneurs
  • By passing on the entrepreneurial spirit to younger generations
  • By facilitating access to EEB for under-represented groups in the entrepreneurial ecosystem or young business founders with access to more limited financial resources
  • By ensuring EEB's longevity 

Contribution opportunities

Thanks to its generous donors, EEB Foundation is be able to make a greater impact on entrepreneurs.

One-time donation

A one-time donation enables the Foundation to redistribute your contribution efficiently according to need. Every amount counts!

Scheduled monthly donations

Maintain your contribution over time by scheduling monthly payments that will be redistributed according to need.

Élite or Émergence Program scholarships

Offer a scholarship covering all or part of the tuition fees to an entrepreneur-athlete in the Élite or Émergence Program.

Summer camp for budding entrepreneurs (CEED)** 

Offer a group of 20 young people in your area, aged 16 to 19, the opportunity to take part in CEED.

**Subject to availability in the program calendar.


Your will is the ultimate opportunity to give back to the next generation, and to perpetuate your values and commitment.

I hope that EEB will continue, so that people with a passion for entrepreneurship can benefit from additional tools thanks to the involvement of other entrepreneurs. May they continue to be there for future generations.

Alain Lemaire, Cascades

Our annual targets


Award one or more Élite or Émergence scholarships each year to social entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs from under-represented groups.


Offer ongoing interest-free loans to entrepreneurs for whom access EEB represents a financial challenge.


Support the future of the École d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce. Mark up: span

I've met so many exceptional people at EEB, entrepreneurs who need help, that I tell myself if we all help each other in the EEB community, we'll make a stronger entrepreneurial Quebec.

David Marotte, Phantom Power

Donors and partners

The Foundation EEB is proud to count on the invaluable collaboration and generosity of its partners, sponsors and donors. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank each and every one of them for carrying out our mission with us.

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