A school like no other...

Conceived by Marc Dutil, the École d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce opened its doors in 2010 in the heart of Quebec's most entrepreneurial region.

Marc asked a group of entrepreneurs: "If there had been a school for entrepreneurs in your youth, what would you have liked to learn? That's what you'll be teaching at EEB. The rest of the story is rooted in the solidarity of the Beauce region and extends throughout Quebec Inc.

Our mission and values

Our mission is to create spaces that transform entrepreneurs and businesses to propel the prosperity of Quebec. Our raison d’être is to feed the entrepreneurial flame.

Our team is open to the world. It is driven by a great vision, from the French-speaking world to a multi-language one, from Beauce to wherever the entrepreneur's needs are.

Our team is united by strong values: encourage, learn and contribute.

The lever of success: E to E method

École d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce is a place of innovation. It has developed a teaching method that makes a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs. E to E is the transfer of knowledge and experience from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. With us, teachers are entrepreneur-coaches and students are entrepreneur-athletes. The experience of the former serves as a lever for the success of the latter.

Coaches...? Athletes...?

Like great athletes, entrepreneurs live their lives at full speed, need to perform, be positive, resilient and always visualize success. That's why we train entrepreneurs to become the best version of themselves!

Our offering

We support entrepreneurs in all sectors of activity as they progress from awareness to transformation, thanks to our ongoing course programs, our intensive stays at EEB and our various in-company and online training.

The entrepreneur-coaches

Their dedication and generosity are at the heart of our mission. Entrepreneur-coaches are seasoned entrepreneurs who contribute to the success of others by donating their time, knowledge and stories. They invest dozens of hours in preparation, accompanied by the EEB team, to share successes, setbacks and learnings.

Imagine Jean Bédard of Groupe Grandio telling you the ups and downs of his life story? Or being challenged by Jean Laflamme of Meubles South Shore and sharing dinner with Marilyne Gagné of Dermapure?

In 12 years, more than 130 entrepreneurs from Quebec Inc. have shared their experience at EEB!

Our living environment

EEB was built in the former Benedict Arnold Inn, which today houses two large classrooms, a lounge, conference rooms, a dining room and a charming sunroom. A second pavilion houses the luxurious rooms of the entrepreneur-athletes. Our terrace and extensive grounds also allow for a variety of outdoor activities.

EEB is a warm environment for entrepreneurs to focus on one goal: learning!

Luxurious rooms in the residences
Lounge and bar
Outdoor terrace and the Vincent-Bourque Agora
Dining room
EEB's reception area
4 conference rooms
Coffee corner with unlimited drinks and snacks
National Bank/Desjardins Classroom