Why chooseEEB ?

Our students, whom we call entrepreneur-athletes, say that you have to "experienceEEB to understand". They and we are still searching for the words to perfectly describe the unforgettable experience ofSchool!

Unique? Magical? Gathering? Ambitious? All at once! EEB is a place of transformation.

From contractor to contractor

L'School d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce, EEB for those who know it well, offers a learning exchange between entrepreneurs (E to E). The teachers, known as entrepreneur-coaches, share their successes and setbacks with the students, our entrepreneur-athletes.

AtEEB, entrepreneurs exchange best business practices. They learn from each other's mistakes to avoid pitfalls. They gain experience through sharing and awareness. They learn to use new, tried and tested tools. They are enriched by the experience of an entire community. After each stay, they come away with solutions they can adapt to their own business.

Entrepreneur-athletes benefit from privileged access to the experiences of entrepreneur-coaches, who turn their story into an open book. Every learning experience has been carefully thought through. The EEB team accompanies the entrepreneur-athletes in their preparation, which lasts dozens of hours.

Can you imagine?

Hear the life story ofAlbert Dang-Vu of Mirego? Learn from the mistakes of Michel Parent of Logisco? Meet Louis Têtu from Coveo? Have a drink with Simon De Baene from GSOFT?

In action with star entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship can be learned differently!

  • We leave the lectures, assignments and exams to others. With us, entrepreneurs are challenged, learn by doing, and interact with top-notch entrepreneurs!
  • Through testimonials, practical workshops and coaching, entrepreneur-athletes find their solutions, their winning recipe.
  • By taking time out to learn and reflect, entrepreneur-athletes also have the opportunity to be challenged by a team of mentors and the 24 other entrepreneurs in their cohort.

The impact

EEB is more than just a place for course, it's an opportunity for transformation. The impact is global: on the entrepreneur, the company and its environment.

  • More assertive, benevolent leadership and a more balanced life
  • A better managed company, better planned growth
  • A greater contribution to the community

EEB Community

  • EEB is more than just a business network. It's more than 1,000 entrepreneur-athletes who experience privileged moments of connection between business leaders.
  • To experience a program atEEB is to find yourself among twenty or so entrepreneurs who are experiencing the same issues and challenges. It means being part of a close-knit community ready to help each other.
  • Doing a program atEEB means coming home and getting together with your peers.

The prestigious and intimateSchool d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce

Beauce entrepreneurship

Experience the excitement of a region renowned for its entrepreneurial vitality.

More than 130 entrepreneur-coaches

Privileged moments with some of Quebec's top business leaders. Develop a more personal, longer-term relationship with some, depending on affinities and projects.

The entrepreneur-athletes in your cohort

You can't put a price on being able to talk freely about what's on your mind. Discover the strength of the bonds forged between the members of a cohort. People you can count on to tell you the real story.

The EEB team at your service

All of them are committed to getting to know you so that we can contribute to your development.