Unite to support future buyers and sellers atEEB!

Who is the program for?
For buyers and sellers

Business succession is an issue that threatens the economic health of the whole of Quebec. It has been announced that 34,000 businesses will be transferred over the next five years. The heart of our economy rests on our SMEs, and this is a situation that the entire Quebec ecosystem must face up to.

The Fonds de solidarité FTQ, initiator of the project, the National Bank, Desjardins and the Ministère de l'Économie, de l'Innovation et de l'Énergie, in collaboration withSchool d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce (EEB), have joined forces to identify, train and support buyers and sellers.

"Faced with the challenges posed by the wave of takeovers, informing, supporting and training buyers and sellers is the key to successful transfers. AtEEB, entrepreneurs set aside their competitive spirit to become better entrepreneurs and help their companies grow. "

Isabelle Le Ber
President and CEO ofEEB

Who is the Movement for?

When you join the Mouvement, you'll not only receive information on the courses offer tailored to your needs, you'll also have access to free content to help you think about and prepare for the transfer or takeover of your business.

Future buyers

Whether you work in a family business, are an employee of an organization and a potential buyer, or are simply looking for a company to buy.

Future sellers

You're just beginning to think about the future of your company, or have almost decided to start the process of transferring your business.

Do you have a passion for entrepreneurship?

Tailor-made to inspire, share and equip you for the business takeover process.

Objectives: We look at the different options and strategies available and identify
motivations, skills and vision.


  • A solid foundation for recovery
  • A preliminary project based on your profile as a buyer and the target you are looking for
  • Support for project implementation



Who will take over your company?

Created to reflect on your company's vision of sustainability.

Objectives: We look at strategies for enhancing the value of the company, and for passing on knowledge, power and ownership, so that everyone can be as well prepared as possible.


  • Solid foundations for defining your needs and undertaking the future process of transferring your business
  • A vision and a plan of sustainability based on your reality, your values and the transmission strategy envisaged.
  • Support to help you find the right resources for your next steps

Formula offered for a future seller or the future seller / future buyer duo.

Talk to a member of our team

A 30-minute meeting with a member of the EEB team to discuss you, your business and your current challenges. Let us direct you to the right course!


Thank you to the major Quebec organizations that have embarked on the Solidarity Fund QFL initiative in collaboration withSchool d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce. They will all contribute to finding tomorrow's buyers, so that Quebec SMEs remain in Quebec and continue to drive our economy.