Séjour intensif - Décider

An intensive stay that will enable you to develop your decision-making skills and become more effective individually and as a team. This course course will help you to become more aware of your reflexes and paradigms, both as individuals and as a team, when making decisions in a context of uncertainty.

What to expect

  • Become aware of the world around the entrepreneur.
  • Discover your decision-making leadership style.
  • Experiment with different decision-making strategies.
  • Establish a strategy to increase individual and team performance.

"No one knows the future, so no one has the luxury of believing they know everything. In reality, we just need to surround ourselves with the right people, trust them and think about our own well-being before trying to help others. We also need to remove our perceptions and paradigms to manage, which means using different hats when making a decision."

Mélanie De Champlain
Participant 2022 and Administrative Director of Nutrinor Hardware

In concrete terms, the benefits for leaders and entrepreneurs are :

  1. A toolbox for more effective decision-making.
  2. Discovering your decision-making leadership style.
  3. Experiment with different decision-making strategies to enhance individual and team performance.
  4. An awareness of the world around them.

On the program

Day 1 - Decision-making
Arrival of participants: 10am
Start of course : 11am

  • Practical workshops and simulations
  • Group activities focusing on team thinking, strategy, communication and action
  • Individual and group feedback from the EEB team
  • Thematic dinner and conference with a guest entrepreneur


Day 2 - Emotion, intuition and action

  • Continuation of course and workshops
  • Action workshop
  • Individual and group debriefing and integration

End of stay and departure of participants: 4:30 p.m.

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