Intensive stay - Leader

This intensive program will enable your leaders to develop proven coaching skills, using the power of the personality profile, to better support and inspire their teams. Offer themEEB for intense, immersive, collaborative and action-oriented learning experiences.

What to expect

  • Learn how to use the power of personality profiles. An invaluable asset for implementing place your HR strategies and achieving your objectives.
  • Understand communication styles and adapt to increase results.

  • Awaken to the importance of coaching in your leadership role.

  • Develop coaching skills to better support those around you.

It was an eye-opening experience. Not only did I meet outstanding trainers, but I also discovered the atmosphere and way of thinking of this place of learning and sharing. I realized that withSchool, I was willing and able to take up the challenge of becoming a better entrepreneur.

- Mathieu Côté, Pièces d'auto Alain Côté, entrepreneur-athlete of the C21 Élite, participant in the Leader Intensive Stay presented by the NAPA network.

In concrete terms, the benefits for leaders and entrepreneurs are :

  1. A toolbox for more effective communication.
  2. A better understanding of one's own communication style (strengths and weaknesses) to better adapt to that of others.
  3. Coaching to integrate learning into your business.

On the program

Day 1 - Developing a better understanding of yourself and your communication style

Start of course : 11 a.m.

  • Psychometric test and explanation
  • Practical workshops and simulations
  • Group activities focusing on team thinking, strategy, communication and action
  • Individual and group feedback from the EEB team
  • Dinner and conference with a guest entrepreneur

Day 2 - Learning in action, practicing feedback and adapting to other people's styles

  • Action workshops and outdoor activities
  • Individual and group feedback from the EEB team
  • Integration coaching

End of course : 4pm

Do you have any questions about our bootcamps?

Contact Laurie Bélanger, Corporate Sales Manager, at [email protected] or 418 228-5558 ext. 302.