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School d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce has implemented a policy for reporting wrongdoing, the Oser dire program, to provide a safe and healthy environment that reflects the values of its community: respect, empathy, mutual aid and solidarity.

This service is available to anyone involved inEEB, from near or far. Through this program, we ensure that our community has access to an available and confidential resource.

*No information about your identity is recorded when you visit this page.

Who is this program for?

This program is intended for employees, contractor-athletes, contractor-coaches, graduates and suppliers ofEEB in the event of wrongdoing involving a staff member or other person in connection withEEB.

Program objectives

  1. Promote the prevention, detection and follow-up of actions contrary to the values of EEB.
  2. Establish reporting procedures.
  3. To provide a confidential and credible method of reporting and management.
  4. Protecting the originator of an alert and all stakeholders involved. Reporters can provide information and attach explanatory documents, without having to reveal their identity.

Three ways to report or follow up on an incident

Oser Dire protects the anonymity of the person reporting and ensures fair treatment of all parties involved.

By phone

1 844 463-3422

By post

Alias solution
PO Box 47022 SUCC Saint-Jean, Lévis, QC
G6Z 2L3

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You'll find more details on the policy, examples of acts that can be reported, the roles and responsibilities of the players involved, and the steps in the reporting process.