Be trained by experienced entrepreneurs

Who is the program for?
For seasoned entrepreneurs
12 stays over 2 years

Application for admission to the Programme Élite

Price: $450

Learn to

  • Control your growth, improve your profitability and agility
  • Understand your strengths and limits
  • Surround yourself with complementary talents
  • Move forward, with your team, towards a clear vision
  • Stimulate your entrepreneurial motivation
  • Gain balance and well-being

Who is the Élite Program for?

  • Entrepreneurs who have been in business for more than 8 years and who are decision-makers in the company as a whole.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to get away from operations to work on business strategies.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to be equipped for growth, diversification, development of new markets, transition to succession or any other important step in their journey.

What can you expect from the Élite Program?

2 unforgettable years

12 group stays, nearly 800 hours of training at the École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce, located in Saint-Georges. You will be accompanied by a dynamic and dedicated team, including a coach who will help you take action.

A community of solidarity welcomes you

The EEB community includes over 1,000 entrepreneurs across Quebec. We can help you find answers to your questions, expand your business network and extend your learning experience.

Teachers like you've never had before!

Learning from Marc Dutil of Canam, Geneviève Biron of Groupe Biron or Jean Laflamme of Meubles Southshore, is an in-depth sharing of experience that allows you to progress rapidly. Our entrepreneurs-coaches are volunteers and want to contribute to your growth.

A close-knit cohort

You will be surrounded by twenty or so other entrepreneurs who are experiencing similar challenges to yours and, together, you will grow and help each other. You will create bonds for life.

No exams, only learning

At EEB, you'll choose almost all of your assignments: you'll apply the learning that makes sense for you and your business. And you'll be measuring yourself.

Challenges to surpass yourself

Each Élite cohort is called upon to complete a community challenge because we believe in the importance of giving back. And because we believe that physical fitness is essential, we will accompany you on your way to a more active life, to reach new heights.

360° support

Workshops, coaching, sports and other activities, adapted accommodation and meals: it's all included!

Your cohort definitely becomes your safety net. A net in which you can fish for best practices, share your concerns and successes, ask for help and know that there will always be a helping hand.

- Anne-Marie Faucher
Élite Cohort C14

The 12 modules of the Élite Program

Thematic stays based on action and exchange to develop your entrepreneurial skills

Module 1 - Getting to know each other and breaking the isolation
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • How can I use them to increase my leadership?
  • How can I use my EEB network to find solutions and live better as an entrepreneur?
Module 2 - Communicating to understand and inspire
  • How can I improve communications within the company and with my employees?
  • How can I use active listening to maximize the contribution of my employees?
  • What is my communicator DNA?
  • How can I prepare my communications to convince and inspire?
Module 3 - Challenging and clarifying your vision
  • How far do I want to go with my business?
  • What are the values I can rely on to achieve this?
  • How do I connect the "Why" of the company to my personal "Why" for greater success?
  • How do I mobilize my team to achieve my vision?
Module 4 - Seeing disruptive trends coming
  • What are the political, international, ecological, technological and human realities that I must take into account to ensure my success?
  • How do I stay aware of my external environment?
  • How do I integrate trends into my business?
  • How to transform information into business intelligence?
Module 5 - Understanding, choosing and convincing your client
  • Who are my best customers and why?
  • What do I have to sell and how do I sell it?
  • How is my business different?
  • How do I organize my marketing?
  • How can I improve my customers' experience?
Module 6 - Cultivating and building human wealth
  • How to attract, retain and grow talent?
  • Multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-location, how to manage a multi-team?
  • What is my corporate DNA?
  • How do you create a company culture that attracts star players?
  • What are my recognition strategies?
Module 7 - Measuring for improvement
  • What to measure in my business to ensure its health and success?
  • How do I choose and use KPIs to achieve my vision?
  • How to manage continuous improvement and optimize performance?
  • How to distinguish between performance and success?
Module 8 - Managing and evolving under uncertainty
  • How do I react when I have to make a decision under uncertainty?
  • How can I improve my reflexes to make better decisions?
  • How open and agile is my team to change?
  • As a leader, what can I do to encourage my team to take advantage of change instead of fearing it?
Module 9 - Planning and financing your growth
  • Acquisitions, diversification, organic growth: what are the best growth vehicles to achieve my vision?
  • How can I plan and organize my growth rather than being in reactive mode?
  • Growth, recession, labor shortage: how to use finances to come out on top?
  • How do I develop my negotiation skills and talk to investors?
Module 10 - Aligning the entrepreneur within
  • How to live on my "Why" while achieving the company's?
  • How to achieve a balanced life?
  • What is my plan to achieve this?
  • What are my sustainability aspirations for the company?
  • Business, family and I, what would be the ideal continuation of our story?
Module 11 - Governing and driving innovation
  • Where do I stand between the President and the CEO?
  • What do I want to control? What do I want to delegate?
  • Board of Directors, advisory committee, management committee, what are my strategies for surrounding myself and achieving my vision?
  • How do I structure my business to achieve my growth and innovation goals?
Module 12 - Sustaining entrepreneurial intelligence
  • What are the must-haves to achieve my vision?
  • How do we get there?
  • Who to do it with?
  • What will my legacy be?
  • How can I transfer my entrepreneurial intelligence to ensure the sustainability of knowledge?

The next cohorts

Apply at any time. You can start the Programme Élite in the spring or fall of each year.

  • Cohort C27: April 16, 2024
  • Cohort C28: October 22, 2024


Key impacts of the Élite Program

Graduates of the Élite Program have unprecedented results. A study, conducted by EEB's Centre for Entrepreneurial Intelligence in collaboration with Laval University, confirms that EEB is an unparalleled stimulator of entrepreneurial performance.

+ 85 %
Increased revenue
+ 100 %
Expanded business network
+ 73 %
Time saving


Several assistance measures are in place to facilitate access to our programs.

Yes, but...

Is it worth the investment?

Perceived return on investment: 798% - According to our impact survey, the Programme Élite yields on average 9 times more than it costs.

I can't leave the daily operations ...

What if you need to invest time to save time? 49% of our Élite entrepreneurs have saved time because of what they learned at EEB. This is a real investment for you and your business.

I'm not big enough to attend École d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce courses...

It's not the sales figures that count, but the will to become a better entrepreneur.

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Application for admission to the Programme Élite

Price: $450