Accelerate your business experience.

Who is the program for?
For founders and successors with 3 to 7 years of entrepreneurial experience
6 stays over 16 months
Application for admission

Application for admission to the Programme Émergence

Price: $450

Our promise

  • Get results faster
  • Learn to surround yourself with the right people, to build a solid foundation for your growth and that of your company
  • Access tools to clarify your leadership profile and move towards your own vision
  • Build self-confidence and mobilize your team
  • Join a network of entrepreneurs who understand your reality
  • A break to get back into action

Who is the Programme Émergence for?

  • Founding entrepreneurs who have been in business for 3 to 5 years and need to solidify their foundation to better evolve.
  • Succession entrepreneurs who have been in a management position for a few years and need to acquire tools to gain confidence and credibility, and then meet the challenges of a transition.

 EEB has given me credibility on a lot of things, because I've been learning at top speed.

Myriam Désourdy, Bromont Montagne d'Expérience

What to expect from the Programme Émergence?

232 hours of course

Five stays every two months and a sixth stay six months later to optimize your entrepreneurial reflexes atSchool d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce, in Saint-Georges.

Retirement formula

coursesWe offer a wide range of training courses, workshops, coaching, sports activities, accommodation and meals. Everything is designed to provide you with an environment conducive to learning.

A community of solidarity welcomes you

EEB community has more than 1500 entrepreneurs throughout Quebec. It can help you find answers to your questions, expand your business network and continue to develop even after your program ends.

A close-knit cohort

You will be surrounded by twenty or so other entrepreneurs who are experiencing similar challenges to yours and, together, you will grow and help each other. You will create bonds for life.

No exams, only learning

At EEB, you'll choose almost all of your assignments: you'll apply the learning that makes sense for you and your business. And you'll be measuring yourself.

I think we all have a need to stop and understand where we are going and to make our vision a reality. We also need to surround ourselves with people and tools. EEB, for young entrepreneurs, that's what it does.

Marc-Antoine Bonneville, Lepage Millwork

The 6 modules of the Programme Émergence

Thematic stays based on action and exchange to develop your entrepreneurial skills
Module 1 - Developing your leadership skills
  • Getting to know yourself to develop your leadership skills and confidence
  • Develop your mindset to achieve your goals
  • Clarify your vision, your values, your entrepreneurial why
Module 2 - Optimizing your business model
  • Understand and appropriate the company's history, culture and business model
  • Deciphering financial data
  • Develop analytical and listening skills
Module 3 - Understanding your environment
  • Understand the external environment and context in which the company operates
  • See trends ahead and seize opportunities
  • Understanding, selecting and building customer loyalty
Module 4 - Creating your future
  • Develop your vision, evolve your dreams to ensure the company's continuity
  • Tools for taking action and turning ideas into reality
  • Defining the impact and legacy of the desired entrepreneur and company
Module 5 - Excelling in the art of surrounding yourself
  • Build and mobilize your dream team (internal and external)
  • Learn to collaborate and delegate more effectively
  • Communicate effectively and with impact
Module 6 - Solidifying your entrepreneurial reflexes
  • Refine your decision-making process
  • Strengthen your courage and boldness
  • Navigating change to evolve and grow

The next cohorts

Apply at any time. You can start the Programme Émergence in the spring or fall of each year.

  • Cohort G19: May 1, 2024
  • G20 cohort: November 6, 2024

Impacts highlights of the Programme Émergence

Graduates of the Programme Émergence have unprecedented results. A study, conducted by the EEB's Center for Entrepreneurial Intelligence, confirms that EEB is an unparalleled entrepreneurial performance booster.

+ 11 %
Average profitability
+ 36 %
Average turnover
x 14 %
Business network development


Several assistance measures are in place to facilitate access to our programs.

Yes, but...

My company is not yet big enough...

It's not about sales, it's about becoming a better entrepreneur. Many young entrepreneurs wait too long to surround themselves and limit their potential growth.

I don't have the funds...

There are solutions. Find out about scholarships and grants available on the Funding page.

I don't have time to get out of surgery...

What if it's time to get out? Time being extremely precious for entrepreneurs, EEB gives you the opportunity to explore all the potential that a setback can represent. This is a real investment for your company...

Is it worth the investment?

According to our study, the financial benefits are 4 times greater than the cost of the program! Beyond the financial benefits, you also invest in yourself: better lifestyle habits, better management, better energy level.

I already have a bachelor's degree / master's degree...

EEB offers a learning experience that is in line with your reality and that of your company, in real time. Theory is good, but now taking a step back and taking action with mindfulness are real assets for you!

Talk to a member of our team

Véronique Gilbert
418 228-5558
, ext. 345
[email protected]

Application for admission

Application for admission to the Programme Émergence

Price: $450